Meaning in Motion


Website for composer Aviya Kopelman

In 2008 Jonathan Shohet and I designed a website for Israeli composer Aviya kopleman. Kopelman had generously allowed me to use her original music in my graduation project called Helena and I’ve been following her music ever since. We rarely design websites but the opportunity to create visual accompaniment to this wonderful body of work was a temptation we could not resist. Shortly after we designed this website Kopelman went on to win the Kronos Quartet “Under 30 competition. She has since been commissioned to compose another piece for the famous ensemble, which was also performed in Carnegie Hall. Aviya is one of the most passionate and sincere artists it has been my privilege to know. She is very curious and open to possible collaboration with visual artists as well as contemporary musicians. Apart from at you can read up on her current work at in her blog at!turquoise/ck0q

This is a clip of a few of the images and transitions we created for Kopelman’s website:

recently uploaded I really short clip of the video projections used in the performance of helena.

Laika at Goldsmith’s Thursday Club

On May 2013 Jonathan Shohet and I gave a talk at The Thursday Club, which is an open forum discussion group for anyone interested in the theories and practices of cross-disciplinarity, interactivity, technologies and philosophies of the state-of-the-art in today’s (and tomorrow’s) cultural landscape(s). It is run by Goldsmith’s college and takes place at the Center for Creative Collaboration in King’s Cross.

The talk describes the process of creating the performance Laika – Eulogies and Prophecies, as well as introduces an experimental dramaturgical method based on Marshall McLuhan’s tetrad of media effects. Here’s a link to the event on the Thursday club’s website:


The Daily Doodle!

Out of sheer sillymitude I have launched a new section to this website called The Daily Doodle, where doodle will endeavor to be published daily. If I am short on doodles, I might dip into my husband Jonathan’s sketchnooks and steal his doodles. May I publish doodles for as long as we both shall live.

The Story Machine

Great images of the story machine as it was installed in the diamond polishing plant, along with some terrific photos of Ran Nahmias and the lovely Anna Wild as Laika :


Mischief in Progress

I added a page dedicated to the documentation of the live installation It Means Mischief (2012), based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The page isn’t fully fleshed out yet, but there are a few images from the dark room sessions and some early story boards up there already. More to come! Here it is:


Archival Artefact – Fall term 2012

At the end of my first term in the MA Performance Practices and Research at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, I was asked to create an object to accompany a written reflection on our learning trajectory during the first term. The object I created was this “book interruption” tracing my path along Donald Rumsfeld’s division in to “known knowns”, “knowns unknowns”, and “unknown unknowns”, with the addition of Slavoj Zizek’s “unknown knowns”. I added a fifth category of “unknowables”. Here are a few images from the artefact:



It Means Mischief

This is a short clip from a live installation based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The installation is comprised of six films, six books and a 1 on 1 performance. It was the final presentation for my MA in Performance Practices and Research at Central School of Speech and Drama, and was presented at Brink Festival, June 2012.

The Window of I and Thou / The Mouse Trap

Next month I will be performing my new project ‘It Means Mischief’ at the CSSD Brink Festival in London. It is a live art installation based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  At the heart of this installation will be a device based on my work from the previous term entitled ‘The Window of I and Thou”. What you see before you is a test on which I will base the live aspect of my installation. It is a plain glass window which allows you to merge your own reflection with that of the person sitting across from you, by the use of LED lights.

Laika – an upcoming performance in Bat Yam and a new video clip

Our next performance will be held on August 11th, in an old diamond polishing plant in Bat Yam, that has been un-used these past 20 years. I will be uploading images of the performance space tomorrow, but for now, here’s a new video clip we made of Laika’s previous performance in Yafo 23.