Meaning in Motion


The Story Machine

Great images of the story machine as it was installed in the diamond polishing plant, along with some terrific photos of Ran Nahmias and the lovely Anna Wild as Laika :



Mischief in Progress

I added a page dedicated to the documentation of the live installation It Means Mischief (2012), based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The page isn’t fully fleshed out yet, but there are a few images from the dark room sessions and some early story boards up there already. More to come! Here it is:


Archival Artefact – Fall term 2012

At the end of my first term in the MA Performance Practices and Research at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, I was asked to create an object to accompany a written reflection on our learning trajectory during the first term. The object I created was this “book interruption” tracing my path along Donald Rumsfeld’s division in to “known knowns”, “knowns unknowns”, and “unknown unknowns”, with the addition of Slavoj Zizek’s “unknown knowns”. I added a fifth category of “unknowables”. Here are a few images from the artefact:



It Means Mischief

This is a short clip from a live installation based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The installation is comprised of six films, six books and a 1 on 1 performance. It was the final presentation for my MA in Performance Practices and Research at Central School of Speech and Drama, and was presented at Brink Festival, June 2012.

The Window of I and Thou / The Mouse Trap

Next month I will be performing my new project ‘It Means Mischief’ at the CSSD Brink Festival in London. It is a live art installation based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  At the heart of this installation will be a device based on my work from the previous term entitled ‘The Window of I and Thou”. What you see before you is a test on which I will base the live aspect of my installation. It is a plain glass window which allows you to merge your own reflection with that of the person sitting across from you, by the use of LED lights.

Laika – an upcoming performance in Bat Yam and a new video clip

Our next performance will be held on August 11th, in an old diamond polishing plant in Bat Yam, that has been un-used these past 20 years. I will be uploading images of the performance space tomorrow, but for now, here’s a new video clip we made of Laika’s previous performance in Yafo 23.

New addition to the family – The Vacanti mouse

The new Vacanti mouse puppet is ready. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it and posting it even though the camera on my laptop isn’t very good.

This wonderful puppet was made by Moran Sanderovich and it will join Laika on our next performance in March.

For more about “Laika – Eulogies and prophecies” visit the “Laika in Progress” section of this blog and “Building a manual time machine”


Hey everyone!
I’ve decided to revive and update this blog a bit. Last week we performed parts of the new chapter of “LAIKA – Eulogies and Prophecies” at the Yafo 23 gallery in Jerusalem, and I’d like to start sharing a few clips and images of the work as it progresses. It’s going to take me about a week to prepare everything. I’ve already put up a “Laika in Progress” page with a few images which you can peak at it through here: Laika in Progress
Also, the most excellent musician we’re working with, Ran Nahmias, has created this blog for our project. It’s got images, videos and sound clips. So here’s the link :

Happy new year!


Laika 1: Eulogies and prophecies

The is the first part in a series of works featuring the famous dog Laika who traveled to space on Sputnik 2 in 1957. The second part called “The Seance – The Medium is the Message” is currently in production, and will be out in March 2010. I’ll be writing about this project quite a bit, so I’ll just credit this quickly for now:
Created by Lior Lerman with Jonathan Shohet and Saray Levin, Tchelet Weisstub, Shahaf Bornstein, Jonathan Albalak, Michael Berkowitz and Ayelet Lerman.